What Planet Do You Live On? – Part 2

Good news – more yumminess for you! Check out some of these amazing specimens I’ve peeped during my online activities. Let’s start with this guy’s endearing description of what he’s looking for in a potential Tinder mate:

IMG_0425 #sexybowtie is right! At least he’s wearing his seat belt.

I wasn’t sure if it competed with this guy’s bathroom selfie:


To be a dude that walked into the public restroom to catch him strategically making a muscle and taking that photo – that would have been great.

Believe it or not, there are tons of photos like this embedded in online profiles:


Image cropping is not too difficult, especially if you know how to scratch out another person’s face, leave a white blob and an outline where they once appeared. Foreshadowing?

And finally…I just don’t believe this is real:


I always wanted an authentic bolero jacket…Olé!


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