Latest Trend Proves Job and Date Searching Are Identical Forms of Torture

Remember when I compared online dating to job hunting?

No? Please humor me. The main gist of that post is how inadequate and shitty anyone that represents a job opportunity can make a potential employee feel within minutes.

I can’t really say that I could have predicted this latest HR trend, but I kind of wish I did. People are literally disappearing after receiving job offers!  How can this possibly be?

Have job seekers become more fickle? Have they become scared to commit to a role where they might actually have to follow rules? After having experienced every single possible situation with recruiters, hiring managers and “human” resource departments, I have to say it is fairly refreshing to learn that those who I would deem as the underdog are actually winning with ignorance.

Just like going on more than an introductory date with someone I do not feel any sort of connection to feels like a waste of everyone’s time and resources, I’m floored that there are individuals that go through several rounds of interviews and tortured meet-ups for jobs that they have no intentions of ever accepting. I don’t really understand the point of doing this, but I have to cheer for you ghosters. Woo hoo! At the very least, you are living out some of my “give recruiters a taste of their own medicine” fantasies.

My proverbial hat goes off to the current ghosters. Keep it up! And don’t be scared of any sort of repercussions. While this article may point out that “People in HR and recruiting have really long memories,” please take comfort in the falseness of that statement. I tried to get that verified by a few HR professionals, but none of them remembered me. You’ll just have to take my very bitter word for it.