Valentine’s Day with Ralphi

The following was the offer I received for Valentine’s Day:

Hey there. I am going to be hosting a party on Valentine’s Day for divorcees ages 35-55 in NYC. Would you like to be my guest? No cost to you if interested. The last party I hosted had about 50 attendees and everyone had a good time. We have a facebook group at and a page at.

Please let me know if you would like more details.

Thanks. Raphi Salem

A few items to note:

– I’m not a divorcee

– I’m not between the ages of 35 and 55

– I’m not destitute

– Where is this group Facebook page and regular page? He really left them blank…

– This exact message was sent to me twice in a period of 10 minutes

I hope Ralphi got a few bites. It seems that he casted a very wide net on Perhaps he got thrown off for spamming. That wouldn’t be very romantic though.


Not to be superficial, but if Ralphi looked more like this, we may have had a deal.

Pass on the love today – and EVERY DAY, y’all!


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